Creating & Managing Journey

Create Community: Here you create the Community name which is separate from the Journey name. It may be the name of your Church, Study Group, School, etc… Individual Journeys will then be created and added to the Community’s page. The Community URL will automatically populate once you've published your first journey.

Create the Journey: Select the Journey name, language, and bible version.

Manage Journey: When others subscribe to the Journey they will be able to view the passage for the day. On this page you can also schedule the date the journey is announced to the community. You can also limit the passages to those entered, or set the journey as ongoing, adding new passages at any time. *Once the schedule and length are set, they cannot be changed once the journey is published.

Add Scripture: Include the book, chapter, and verse. You can also add comments, spoken word, video, or an image that corresponds with the verse added. Once you click submit, you will be asked to review the passage before it is added to the Journey.   

Publish: Once you have entered all 7 days, the publish button will become active.  

Add Details: From the set-up page you can also add a description and thumbnail to your Journey by following the “Details” link. 

Publish: After you click the “Publish” button, you will be prompted to set-up information that allows individuals to subscribe. It also provides the link that needs to be shared with the community so they can join.


Once you send them your page’s *URL address (Example: they can click the link and will be directed to the following page. From there they can read the first passage, and sign up to see all of the Journey’s associated with the Community. Template emails can be found here: 


Connections: From here you can provide your Journey(s) to other Community Dashboards, and/or accept their Journey(s) to be added to your dashboard. You will need to request their URL to do this. Other communities that exist: 

Settings: Under the “Community” tab you can add other social media sites that exist for your community

Under the “General” tab you can change the look and feel of your community page.

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